In beginning our work on the brand of Bydgoszcz, a rapidly developing city in the heart of Europe, we asked ourselves “What is it that we’re after here exactly?” What are we trying to achieve by creating the brand and what purpose will it serve?

Faced with the challenge of creating the Bydgoszcz brand, we pursued an ambitious goal, which we hope we managed to see through. We created a strategy that is more than just the first step on the way to a positive change of attitude towards Bydgoszcz, a city which deserves it.

During our work on the Bydgoszcz brand, we focused our search in the area of broadly-defined culture, the actions of residents and the institutions they form. Our task was to listen to how Bydgoszcz describes itself and what others have to say about it. What obstacles make it difficult for the city to talk about its unique features? What are the experiences of those who visit the city physically and online? How do the local officials and active people creating various policies and programmes see the city’s future? We also drew inspiration from other cities building their brands and using their unique stories.

That’s how we came up with the concept of the Bydgoszcz brand – a Culture of Quality (Kultura Jakości). The concept comes from the attitude rooted in the city’s traditions, though not fully revealed, of an aversion to cheapness, makeshift solutions, bungled work, carelessness, superficiality, mundaneness and stereotypical thinking. It is a new story about the city, based on its previously hidden identity – a story of quality, featuring urban life tied with its rivers, metropolitan functions, support of resident activity and nurturing talent.

Semiotic, marketing communication, neuromarketing and strategic document analysis.

  • Semiotic, marketing communication, neuromarketing and strategic document analysis.
  • Global benchmarking and in-depth identity analysis.
  • Bydgoszcz Brand Strategy.
  • The brand communication strategy and system of brand management and implementation.

The following actions have been completed to date:

Brand management

  • Bydgoszcz carries out activities at the level of brand management organisation.

Marketing communication

  • Implementing the brand’s promotional campaign.

Flagship event

  • The concept of a flagship event, which was subject to consultation during the workshops and further developed by the local cultural communities.

Quality in tourism

  • Discussions on the qualitative solutions in urban tourism initiated by the Bydgoszcz Local Tourist Organisation.


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