The Carpathian Mountains are mystical mountains in Central Europe, which are still little known to tourists from all over the world. The Carpathian Mountains did not have a brand or single identity that would bring this multicultural and multinational region together.

We provided to the Carpathian Euroregion Poland:

  • The Carpathia Brand Strategy and a brand processes manual
  • Tourism audit of the Carpathian Mountains area within the Carpathian Euroregion
  • Carpathia Key Visual
  • Health resort tourism development strategy in the Polish-Ukrainian part of the Carpathian Euroregion
  • Wędrowanie bez plecaka (No-Backpack Hiking) tourist product
  • 2015-2016 Public Relations Plan for the Carpathia brand

The Carpathia brand strategy is being implemented by the Carpathian Euroregion Association and its institutional and business partners. Today, Synergia provides consultancy services for the brand implementation process.

The following actions have been completed to date:

Partnership base

  • Over 40 declarations of cooperation as part of the brand implementation from local government representatives, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

Product base

  • Over 50 selected top products of the brand.

Cooperation forum

  • An annual integration event for the Carpathian region combined with the promotion of tourism and the local economy.

Karpacki Horyzont Magazine

  • A publication which promotes Carpathian initiatives and presents good practices.

Visit Carpathia

  • The website of the Carpathia brand.

Study visits

  • A number of visits by local government officials and entrepreneurs regarding good practices and know-how.

Social media

Media Tour

  • Visits of journalists and tour operators in Western Europe to promote the Carpathian Mountains.

Publicity events

  • Tourist exhibitions, including in Berlin, Bratislava and Geneva.

Training sessions and conferences

  • A series of meetings addressed at local government officials, entrepreneurs and NGOs.


  • Traditional publications, videos and gadgets.


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