Effective strategies

We create strategies which lead to measurable results and describe them, creating complete documentation. Each project starts with a diagnosis of the situation based on measurable indicators and ends with designing a set of indicators to measure the progress of its implementation.


Working on a place brand strategy is always different, just as every place is unique. We pick our tools on a case by case basis, drawing from the model of 3 stages, research, concept and implementation.

We use a similar method of work when developing other strategic documents, such as promotional and marketing communication programmes and tourism development strategies for cities and regions.


Creating and properly managing a place brand brings the following fundamental benefits:

Image – the place becomes more recognisable in Poland and abroad.

Economic – improved recognisability makes the products and services of a place more popular.

Integrative – active residents become integrated around the brand, while culture, tourism and business flourish.

Our services:

  • Place brand strategies

Through studies and analyses we discover the identity of a place, its values and aspirations. Our strategies always have a practical aspect to them and form the basis for their effective implementation.

  • Programmes for publicity and marketing communication

We develop brand communication programmes and plans on the basis of brand strategies and knowledge of the latest marketing methods and tools.

  • Programmes for developing tourism in cities and regions

We approach tourism development from the marketing perspective as an orientation and system rather than a set of individual projects and actions. The documents become a signpost pointing the direction for implementation on the organisational, product and publicity levels.

  • Brand book

It stands for so much more than just a logo or a standard visual identification system. It’s also a set of key visuals – creative graphical concepts and the definition of the brand’s language.

Implementations: Lublin, Łódzkie, Hajnówka, Carpathia, Regio Resovia, Białowieża Primeval Forest Region


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