Hajnówka is very young when you compare it with other Polish cities. However, its history is closely tied with a place that has existed for a very long time – the Białowieża Primeval Forest. Without the primeval forest there would be no primary settlements, its guardians, hunters and Hajnówka itself. The town forming on the fringes of the primeval forest attracted the residents of the nearby villages and newcomers from around the country. It is those people who formed Hajnówka’s identity as a city of work and industry, a place for pioneers who built the eastern borderlands of the country. It is a city which “grew out of the primeval forest.”

Today, as it faces the enormous challenges of modern times, Hajnówka needs a new story, which will reignite its attraction and fascination among residents, tourists and entrepreneurs. The Hajnówka Brand Strategy (READ THE DOCUMENT) grew from the need to create a fresh definition of the city as a place to live, work and experience tourist emotions.

The concept of the Hajnówka – Duchowa witalność (Spiritual Vitality) appeared. Behind the brand lies an ambitious concept of combining the city’s two unique features, which were previously used to a varying extent, such as: the living and authentic religious and cultural multiplicity, as well as the potential arising from the location near the Białowieża Primeval Forest. The developed idea of “spiritual vitality” will require the brand managers to make a focused and sustained effort to build the new image of the city, first among the residents and then in the specific target groups.

  • 2016-2025 Hajnówka Development Strategy
  • Hajnówka Brand Strategy
  • Identification system
  • 2016-2025 Hajnówka Development Strategy
  • Hajnówka Brand Strategy
  • The Visual Identification System of the Hajnówka brand
  • A series of training sessions on implementing the brand strategy

The following actions have been completed to date:

Social media

Brand management

  • A team responsible for brand management and the coordination of strategy implementation was formed in Hajnówka

The Bison Fair

  • The city’s flagship event is being converted into the brand’s flagship event.


  • Hajnówka presents its attractions in cooperation with the local and nationwide media.


  • New publications are being created using the brand identification, e.g. an events schedule and tourist guides.


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