The biggest city in eastern Poland and the capital city of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. The Lublin – City of Inspiration brand is one of the few city brands which have been consistently developed and have gained the recognition of residents, tourists and marketing specialists.

The City of Inspiration

In our work on the brand, we identified its assets, such as: experiencing things to understand them, fulfilling dreams, and knowledge of your roots and wisdom based on openness and tolerance. The roots, which are a foundation of building a strong city brand, were also more systematically defined: the glory of the Jagiellonian period, Renaissance culture and art, multiculturalism, the tradition of fairs and the pre-War Jewish diaspora. All of these elements could exist thanks to Lublin’s religious tolerance, which allowed the symbiotic functioning of representatives of several religions (Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical Christians, Jews).

The Lublin brand

The Lublin brand is meant to be distinguished by the rich cultural and historical assets of the city, which are its most inspiring factors, its geographical location and borderlands spirituality, the potential found in its young, creative people and the potential of its organic food products. The brand responds to the needs of those who are looking for something genuine, appreciate values and experiences, of culturally active young people who are emotionally mature despite their young age and are looking for something different from their everyday experience. The mission of the Lublin brand is to release the spirit of change, inventive and creative thinking in people.

It is a source of great satisfaction to us that we can work for the city that is not only the place of living and work for our team, but also an everyday inspiration. Without Lublin, Synergia would not be the company it is. And if it wasn’t for Lublin, we would be very different people.

  • The Place of Inspiration Programme
  • The strategy of the “Lublin inspires business” brand
  • A concept of the tourism product The Route of Officer Maciejewski
  • A guide of Lublin routes
  • The communication concept for the celebrations of the city’s 700th anniversary
  • Tourist product concept – Jewish Lublin
  • Marketing programme for the revitalised area of Podzamcze
  • The concept of creating and operating a unit managing the marketing communication of the Lublin brand


The following actions have been completed to date

Boosted city brand recognition

  • Surveys say that Lublin’s brand recognition soared to 23% (10th place) bringing it closer to the leaders (Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk).

Carnaval Sztukmistrzów

  • The flagship event of the brand, which attracts more and more tourists and participants from Poland, all over Europe and the world with each year.

European Capital of Culture 2016

  • Lublin was among the finalists from which the winning city was eventually selected. A wide-ranging promotional and informational campaign was conducted.

The Place of Inspiration Programme

  • 4 editions of the programme featuring several dozen of Lublin’s restaurants and hotels representing the brand’s assets.

Publicity campaigns

The best known of these are: Lublin. Nieziemski klimat (Out-of-this-world atmosphere); Lublin. Dzieje się; Bądź wolny (Things are happening; Be free) Studiuj w Lublinie; Przeżyj studia (Study in Lublin; Survive your studies); Studiuj w Lublinie (Study in Lublin); Lublin – 40 minut stąd (Lublin, just 40 minutes away); Zagubione wspomnienia (Forgotten memories); Król, Anioł, Diabeł, Artysta i Marchewka autostopem do Lublina (The King, the Angel, the Devil, the Artist and the Carrot hitchhiking to Lublin).



• Increased interest among residents and tourists in events organised in the city, such as: the Jagiellonian Fair, the European Festival of Taste, Night of Culture, Theatre Confrontations, East of Culture – Different Sounds.


Bądź na bieżąco