Place Brand Trigger

Place Brand Trigger is Poland’s first model for implementing place brands. This tool makes it possible to eliminate the randomness and incidental nature of marketing activities carried out by local governments in the process of building brands. It introduces an order to the whole process of building and management, showing point by point the stages to go through and the tasks to be completed. The model is based on 3 stages, which the brand must complete in 4 areas to achieve the expected results.

Using the PBT model does not restrict the creativity of brand managers, their capacity to bring new ideas to the table and introduce initiatives to keep up with the rapidly changing world, as well as the expectations and needs of various target groups. However, it indicates the areas which must be filled with content to reap actual benefits from the brand and to implement various types of strategies which have been developed by local governments for years, but few have been able to effectively put them to reality.

PBT is a tool worked out with the full participation of local government representatives responsible for building the brand, who expand their operational knowledge on tactical and operational management in the process. It changes a passive document into a set of plans and activities aimed at the same goal. These plans are very specific in nature and have a predefined schedule. What is implemented and when is up to the local government. The model on which PBT is based divides the process of implementing the brand into three specific stages with four areas in each of them. As a result, the whole process boils down to a maximum of 12 steps.

Place Brand Trigger is currently the only solution that allows local governments to verify all the stages of their work on a brand and define the areas which still need improvement. The whole training and workshop process connected with the implementation of this tool in a city or region, depending on the complexity of the project and number of modules on which the local government decides to work, takes from several days up to three months.


The model is based on 3 stages, which the brand must complete to achieve the expected results. The moment of advancing from one stage to another is defined by strategic goals and the benchmark.

A comprehensive utilisation of the Place Brand Trigger requires the use of a variety of analytical and design tools. Depending on the stage of the brand and the area being developed we suggest effective tools supported by the participation of the team building the brand.


Place Brand Trigger facilitates introducing order and injecting energy into the marketing activities of local governments and organisations. Working with the model eliminates incidental and ineffective actions. The brand becomes powered by an “engine” which brings a surprisingly great performance.

Implementations: Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Regio Resovia

Video: A recipe for a place brand? Place Brand Trigger helps build and manage a brand.


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