Ewelina Ostrowska

A graduate of Cognitive Science, Journalism and Social Communication at the Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin. Doctoral student of Cognitive Science. She researches the human being’s perception of the world. She works on decision making systems to better understand what makes us choose a particular brand and reject another.

I am inspired by: the human mind

I have no time: traveling

My defining characteristic is: creativity

A personality trait I’m trying to overcome: a pessimistic attitude

Which of my traits makes people angry: complaining

What people value me for: honesty

What I don’t like in people: lack of honesty

What I bring into the team: good ideas

What I have learnt at Synergia: cooperation

Favourite sketch/film/etc.: book “The Little Prince”

I would recommend to everyone: being alone with your thoughts


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