Piotr Lutek

Graduated from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics (Management and Marketing), and completed the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s programme. For nearly 20 years he has cooperated with a variety of international and domestic companies as marketing manager, sales director and advisor. Lecturer and doctoral student in place marketing. Member of professional organisations such as Polish Market and Opinion Researchers Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Badaczy Rynku i Opinii PTBRiO), Polish Public Relations Society (PSPR) and Polish Economic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne PTE).

Manager of over 30 advisory projects involving brands and brand communication for local government and business clients. Consultant in the development and management of city, regional and tourist product brands for more than 50 local governments. Author of several dozen publications on marketing, brand and promotional communication. Instructor in these fields with over 500 hours of training experience carried out for NGOs, commercial and local government entities.

I am inspired by: developing new solutions.

I have no time: (not enough) for my family and to play bridge.

My defining characteristic is: self-confidence.

A personality trait I’m trying to overcome: being unsystematic.

Which of my traits makes people angry: a lot of them.

What people value me for: ask them, not me.

What I don’t like in people: lying and laziness.

What I bring into the team: business experience.

What I have learnt at Synergia: tolerance.

Favourite quote: ‘Get busy living or get busy dying’.

Favourite sketch/film/etc.: Shawshank Redemption.

I would recommend to everyone: reading books.


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