Strategies for Cities 2.0

“The times when city strategies were hefty documents that just had to be there are now past. Today they assume the form of clear-cut instructions about how to compete for the money of investors, tourists, and, first and foremost, talented residents.” – Piotr Lutek

Strategies for Cities 2.0 are concerted initiatives and real projects maximising a city’s potential:

  • Necessary for effective and efficient cooperation with partners, enterprises and service providers.
  • Showing the business path for the city to follow.
  • Having a specific target group, indicating who will find your city interesting.
  • Adjusted to the specific realities of every city.
  • Highlighting the distinctive elements so that they can be promoted.
  • Adapted to the size of the city, its potential and main specialisations.
  • Building a strong competitive advantage.

·      Stopping population outflow.

·      Focusing on key resources.

·      Adapted to specific economic, social, and demographic needs.

How do we create strategies that tap into the unique potential of urbanisation?

By using methods known in business strategic management and those dedicated exclusively to cities:

  • Competitive gap analysis
  • Place brand capital
  • Benchmarking
  • Balance Score Card
  • Design thinking
  • Lateral thinking techniques
  • Heuristic methods

We know what to do to create a prosperous city of the future.

It will be a pleasure for us to present you our methodology and elaborate on the Strategies for Cities 2.0.

Contact: Konrad Klimek, tel. 513 098 033



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