Tourism experience key

The experience key is a tool for the brands of cities, tourist regions and voivodeships, which allows them to effectively manage the experience of tourists.

Tourism is the art of offering and providing certain experiences to selected target groups of people. Looking for the mechanisms behind tourists’ decisions we have developed an innovative methodology based on an analysis of the tourist assets (potential) of a place and adapting them to a selected segment of tourists.

In other words, we discover the subtle link between the expected experience and emotions and the actual capacity to make it happen in a given place. This allows us to be more effective at managing a tourist location at the level of products and marketing communications (including publicity).

A historic building located in our municipality may be limited to being a background for photographs, but if we work with the concept and implementation of a product, it can be something which leaves a permanent mark in a tourist’s memory – a valuable tourism experience. This may be a fascinating story recreated by historical re-enactment, augmented reality or gamification, for example as a quest or symbolic ritual, such as touching a monument for luck.

In the process of creating the tourism experience key we analyse and order experiences by their conformance with the concept of the brand and the vision of tourism development for a given place. This makes it possible to flexibly adapt the products to the shifting trends and changes on the market and to verify the competitive potential of a given place in a certain respect in comparison to other tourist destinations.

The process of developing the tourism experience key

  1. Analysing the potential of a place on the basis of existing data.
  2. Analysing the current trends and motivations of tourists.
  3. Gathering insights for the list of experiences – individual interviews with thematic experts.
  4. Quantitative verification on a representative sample for a given reference market.
  5. Description of the experience key and the assumptions regarding its management – implementation plan.


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