Thanks to the initiative of the Rzeszów Agglomeration Association of Local Governments, a new unique place brand on the map of Poland is being developed. This will be the first Polish brand created in the area of a district, which covers a wide spectrum of operations of local government units surrounding the region’s capital city.

REGIO RESOVIA (Latin for Rzeszów District) is the brand name of the area covered by 14 urban and rural municipalities forming part of the Rzeszów District. More than 160 thousand people live on this area of 1157 km2. When combined with Rzeszów, the population is over 350 thousand.

The REGIO RESOVIA brand is meant to contribute to the creation of a shared, integrated social, cultural and economic package and the promotion of all assets of the area located around Rzeszów. Its goal is also to integrate the residents and create a local identity.

  • Surveys and public consultations of the District Development Strategy
  • 2016-2023 Rzeszów District Development Strategy
  • REGIO RESOVIA – Rzeszów Agglomeration Brand Strategy
  • The Visual Identification System of the REGIO RESOVIA brand

The following actions have been completed to date:

Flagship event
  • The concept of a flagship event – bicycle rally.

Brand management

  • Management has been entrusted to the specially established team on the basis of the Association of Local Governments of the Rzeszów Agglomeration.

Social media

  • The Facebook profile of the REGIO RESOVIA brand has been created and is managed.


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